Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Something to Ponder on April Fools' Day...

Happy April Fools' Day. Hopefully you haven't been exposed to too many office pranks at your expense... anyhow, a recent post to the GDC Listserve by friend and colleague - Robert L. Peters, really got me thinking... the gist of which is summed up by Mark Twain in the quote above. Anyhow, there were some interesting facts(?) featured in Rob's, And you think oil is pricey? post:

Product US$/Barrel

Oil 108.50
Coca-Cola 126.45
Milk 163.38
Snapple 237.72
Perrier Natural Mineral Water 300.61
Tropicana Orange Juice 307.44
Budweiser Beer 447.25
Scope Mouthwash 682.34
Starbucks Venti Latte 954.24
Ben & Jerry's Chunky Ice Cream 1,609.44
Pinot Grigio Wine 2,117.75
Bertoli Olive Oil 2,370.71
Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Whiskey 4,237.63
Tabasco Pepper Sauce 6,155.52
Visine A.C. Eye Drops 39,728.64
FLONASE Nasal Spray 902,304.00
Chanel No.5 Parfume 1,666,560.00

...I'll admit I've purchased my fair share of the products listed above... so, don't we all feel a little foolish now?

On another note... Circle Design Incorporated celebrates it's 32nd birthday today! Circle first opened it's doors for business on this day in 1976! Happy Birthday Circle!

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