Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recommended | GOOD - The China Issue...

I recently posted a comment on Michael Surtees' blog, DesignNotes in response to his A Black and White Issue? post (which in turn was a response to another blog post). In Michael's post he brings up some interesting points of discussion in regard to this summer's Beijing Olympics, here's an excerpt:

...if you plan to watch a moment of the Olympics, purchase anything from a corporate sponsor of the games or even follow who wins and looses are you implicitly supporting what a number of protesters are trying to bring to the attention of the world? If you are protesting the Olympics in Beijing yet choose to do any of the following that I mention above is it somewhat hypocritical to criticize others? Is it possible to have it both ways or is everyone responsible to some degree?

Being born a Canadian of Chinese descent I have to admit that I am somewhat, 'on-the-fence' with the over-politicization of the games through the western media. Yes, there are many issues facing China as a rapidly growing, industrial nation... but, what country can claim to be free of problems? That being said, the latest issue of GOOD Magazine: The China Issue has some great features on China, I'd recommend everyone to read them, you're bound to come across something you didn't know about the 'Asian-Superpower' (I've blogged about GOOD Magazine before, here).

The Olympics should remain non-political, concentrate on 'fair' competition and respect for the athletes. In my opinion, the Olympics could represent the ideal world model, where one person from a different culture/religion/etc. can stand beside one another with respect, admiration and/or resolve their differences through non-lethal, competitive sport. I guess we'll just have to wait and see... I invite you all to comment (I'd be interested to hear what others have to say). Cheers!

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