Monday, April 7, 2008

COOL! Pill-sized Plasma Light Bulb...

A recent post on Inhabitat features this cool, pill-sized plasma light bulb technology by Luxim. Apparently these new bulbs will put out 10 times as much light as a traditional bulb, while using half the energy... the scary part is that it can also reach temperatures that are equivalent to the surface of the sun!

Yikes... check out the video on YouTube here - enjoy! Via Inhabitat.

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Johnny 5 said...

As someone who sells light bulbs ( for a living, I find this advancement to be exciting. Currently, we sell quite a few compact fluorescent bulbs, but many of our customers have concerns about their mercury content. If this technology were to become scaled down to a size that could be utilized by the average consumer, it would be far more efficient (in terms of lumens per watt) than compact fluorescents, and presumably less toxic.