Thursday, August 27, 2009

Recommended Viewing | The Longest Way 1.0...

This video found on Youtube - The Longest Way 1.0 follows the ambitious, year-long, on-foot journey of a traveler as he attempts to walk (and grow a beard) from China to Germany. It's an enjoyable video to watch... check it out on Youtube, here - enjoy!

Learn more about this traveler's ambitious journey at - cheers!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A List Apart posted an interesting article a while back - Burnout (May 2009) written by Scott Boms. I can't help but feel as though he's talking about almost everyone I know... myself included. ;P

Scott's article brings up some interesting points for discussion... I wonder if this is a greater issue than it may appear. Stats in recent years have shown dramatic increases in the prescription of anti-depressant drugs, is society in general suffering from 'burnout'? Possibly related to visual/informational over-stimulation? Things that make you go hmm...(?)

I'd be curious to know what others think, after reading the article. Check it out over on A List Apart, here - cheers!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recommended Viewing | Flickr: The Pretty Sketchy Pool...

I can't recall who passed this Flickr Group link along to me... perhaps it was Rob? Maybe James... anyhow, for anyone who enjoys sketching/drawing/art, Flickr is an immense online library of coolness.

The Flickr: The Pretty Sketchy Pool is only one example... surf around and you'll find all types of cool things (whatever your tastes may be). Check out the Pretty Sketchy Pool on Flickr, here - enjoy (and thanks to whoever sent me the link)! Cheers!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recommended Reading | Derek Powazek - What's Your Suggestion?

I've been criticized for being 'too critical' (not recently - but it's happened before)... I'm guilty as charged. As a designer, I find it's very easy to become this way - in certain ways it's what we're trained to do. ;P

An interesting article/viewpoint written by Derek Powazek is a worthwhile read for any designer... check it out at - cheers!