Friday, August 29, 2008

Street Art or Graffiti?

I'll admit it... I'm a fan of graffiti (the image above was found on Adelaide in Winnipeg). That being said, I do feel a need to clarify the types of graffiti I'm a fan of. I can completely understand how building owners/property managers just loath the idea of graffiti in general and I tend to agree with them - to an extent. Winnipeg has a big problem with the non-sensible, graffiti 'tag' artists who aggressively scrawl their typically un-creative and rather bland 'tags' all over, in what appears to be an attempt to see who can 'tag' the most(?). Just taking a drive around the city or a walk around downtown and you'll see examples of these 'garbage tags' abound.

Graffiti has a very long history which goes back to ancient times, there have been examples from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire (I'm sure that some artists would argue that cave painting could also be considered graffiti). Like the above image (found in the alley behind the office) states, 'graffiti can make your community beautiful.' I'd like to think that many people would agree with this statement (I'm also quite positive that there would be just as many that wouldn't agree ;P). There's a bit of a back story to this poster (FYI, it's not there any longer)... some of my closer friends and associates should know all about it. ;)

Check out some of the 'Reverse Graffiti' artists out there via the Environmental Graffiti blog... such as the Skulls in Sao Paolo by Alexandre Orion.

You can watch a video of him in action embedded above, or on YouTube, here.

Oh, and let's not forget about BANKSY... who's prolific stencil work, humour and political satire (who some would argue) has single-handedly, changed the world's view on the subject of street art/graffiti and garnered him thousands of fans (I'm one of them), copycats and millions of dollars. If you enjoy street art/graffiti, be sure to check out the Wooster Collective online. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the subject... feel free to comment - cheers!

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