Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ashley Wood's Dirty Deeds Bertie... DEPLOYED!

Guess who arrived last night [cue evil laughter]? After what seemed like an eternity of waiting (considering how long I've had Desert Rat), Ashley Wood's Dirty Deeds Bertie has arrived! Dirty Deeds arrived in the same shipping box as Desert Rat (which featured the same wicked Ashley Wood artwork).

As I continue to open the packaging, I come across this envelope (with a cool threezero sticker)...

containing the limited edition (73 of 80) giclee print (in case you're wondering, I got them for being one of the first to purchase the Berties)... it's the same as the one I received with Desert Rat.

...first impression from the Dirty Deeds box art is COOL!

This is not a toy. ;)

Dirty Deeds and his tools of the trade...

The paint, build and attention to detail is second to none... as can only be expected based off of my previous experience with Desert Rat.

Ashley Wood's Dirty Deeds Bertie deployed! You can check out the rest of my Dirty Deeds un-boxing pics on my WWR Bertie Flickr set here.


James said...

Adrian, you have to do a whole series like the last photo of Bertie in outdoor action sequences.

That would rock the whole wide world as we know it.

Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

It's on my To-Do list... amongst other things... ;)