Friday, May 23, 2008

Bertie, Bertie, Bertie... BERTIE!

Call me crazy... call me whatever. I bit the bullet (smashed the piggy bank, called in all debts owed) and ordered myself a WWR Bertie... actually, make that two. I couldn't decide between the Desert Rat Bertie or the Dirty Deeds Bertie... so instead of stressing over which one (and then regretting not getting the other - 43 points of articulation at 14 inches tall), I decided to get them both. For those of you who aren't familiar with Bertie... well, you may be familiar with his creator (or at least recognize some his work), excerpt from his blog:

Ashley Wood is an internationally acclaimed, commercial illustrator, concept designer and comic book artist. He lives with his wife, soon to be three children and two cats in Australia. Ashley has been a professional illustrator for fifteen years and has worked for most major publishing and entertainment companies... (continue reading on his blog)

Anyhow, I'm SUPER pumped and really looking forward to receiving this package when it arrives in the mail... you can learn more about the WWR Bertie here, see more images of Bertie (from the New York Comic Con) here and read other news about Bertie here - enjoy!

Visit Ashley Wood's blog at - cheers!


cirquedefou said...

Woah - super nice! Way to go, these are definitely worth the investment.

Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Thanks! I needed to hear that 'confirmation' from someone... ;)


Steph said...

Definitely justified! In fact, they were sold out yesterday, but it looks like they are back in stock... for the time being.