Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Congratulations! Mr. & Mrs. Gillespie...

This past weekend, my good friends (and fellow designers), James Gillespie and Beth Romphf tied the knot! It was a beautiful, intimate, summer afternoon ceremony to say the least, held just outside of Steinbach, Manitoba (in the great outdoors).

I just have to show you the fantastic custom wine label designs created by James, specifically for the wedding...

...first off we have the Flora(?) Sauvignon Blanc.

Followed by the Faun(?) Merlot.

Both of the wines were (as the labels described):

...created and aged by the infamous international Jewel thief Roberto Gillespinni. Where are my favourite jewels you ask? "Did I misplace them?... Are the kids playing with them?"

No! Chances are at some point Roberto has let himself into your home and made off with your precious trinkets and stones.

Fret not dear wine drinker, your valuables have been put to good use. Once melted down to make golden beaver key chains, your precious jewellery is sold and used to import the rare grapes from the Ancient Forest, the location which only Roberto knows. It is in the Ancient Forest where the Nymphs and Fauns nurture these unique grapes to fruition with music and dance...

Hah! Check out more of James' work on his blog KALAMAFRAZ at http://kalamafraz.blogspot.com/ - enjoy! Once again, congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Gillespie! Cheers!

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