Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shot of the Day...

It's a beautiful spring day in Manitoba today (albeit with the occasional shower, and rather gusty/cool winds), anyhow I hope you're all enjoying the Victoria Day long weekend (at least, so far)!

I had the opportunity to get in a quick round of 9-holes this afternoon with some friends from back in college. The shot above (taken after teeing off on the 8th hole), is not staged in anyway, that's how the ball actually landed... stuck in the tree. It deserved to be photographed.

The 'shot of the day' honors goes to Raelene Hanna, friend (rookie golfer), fellow designer and the current GDC Manitoba Education Chair. For being a good sport and posing for this shot, we decided to not make her play the ball from where it lies. ;)

Check out Raelene's Typographic Book project (in PDF form) from college (the Avenir spread from the book is shown above), which recently resurfaced as a result of the Frutiger posting here - enjoy!


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Play it where it lays, Raelene!