Friday, May 2, 2008

COOL! Same Sky, Different Places...

Friend, Michael Surtees a multi-talented designer, prolific blogger (visit DesignNotes) and self-confessed Flickr addict has spun off his wildly popular New York City Colour Study into a Flickr Group called Same Sky, Different Places. The concept is simple, here's an excerpt from his blog post:

...the image shouldn’t have any buildings or other objects in view, and that you should only place one image per day. In the description field it should mention the day, time, city and country...

It sounds like fun, I'm planning to take part whenever I can... it will be interesting to see how this is further developed down the road... anyhow, you can read Michael's blog post here. Check out all the Same Sky, Different Places photos on Flickr here - enjoy!

Thanks for inviting me to join Michael - Cheers!

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