Tuesday, November 3, 2009

COOL! C4 - Central Canada Comic Con...

I hope everyone enjoyed, and had a safe Halloween weekend! On Saturday, I visited C4 - the Central Canada Comic Con, held in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

It was my first time attending a comic con at the convention centre, and it was definitely the largest one that I've been to in Winnipeg. It was held for the first time at the convention centre last year (if I recall correctly), which I had to miss cause I was in Vegas... ;)

I enjoyed the time I spent wandering around photographing the costumed attendees (until my camera battery died)... ;P

...in addition to checking out all the toys and comics - which was actually a bit depressing when you see something you own selling for much less than what you paid for... ;(

Anyhow, the photos I took have been uploaded into a photoset on my Flickr, here - enjoy!


James said...

Dude i am so jealous!

I'm planning to artist alley it again next year. Assuming Beth and I don't have another baby around that time.

Hope all is well

Andrew said...

Great photos, thanks for posting these! We have a set on Flickr as well - http://bit.ly/1KzlRP

Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Thanks for checking out my blog/pics! Looking forward to next year's con.