Sunday, July 5, 2009

On Staycation...

Well, as you may be aware, the world economies are in the toilet. Recession is the word of the hour as almost nothing seems to be unaffected by it... one of these being the classic 'summer vacation'. One of the recession buzzwords I've been hearing more and more of lately, is 'staycation' - essentially defined as a vacation taken at home or locally (with minimal travel involved).

I think 'staycations' are great! It gives individuals a reason (not that you need any) to explore their own backyards, and local treasures (parks, galleries, etc.) which are far to often overlooked. I for one have used part of a 'staycation' to catch-up on some much needed blogging back-log (though I saved it to the very end). ;D I'd be keen to hear from other fellow 'staycationers' as to what they've got planned.

Rummaging through my '2B_Blogged' folder, I came across this Live Journal link, where user Crimeanelf posted about 'You and Your Laptop' - an article about laptop users and the positions they assume, with images to illustrate ('Oriental' position shown above)... I found it to be rather amusing. ;D Check it out if you've never seen it before, here - enjoy!

Hopefully, I'm all caught up now (or at least have less in the '2B_Blogged' folder) and ready to get back to a more consistent blog posting routine... I'm constantly amazed by the dedication some bloggers have (i.e. Robert L. Peters, Michael Surtees, Swissmiss) in posting on a regular (if not daily) basis... keep it up! Cheers!

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