Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday evening, I took my Mom and family to Yujiro Japanese Restaurant (on Grant Avenue) for an early birthday dinner.

People who are familiar with me know that I'm a huge fan of Japanese cuisine (particularly sushi and sashimi)... actually I think its safe to say that I'm just a huge fan of 'good food.' ;) Well, yesterday evening was no disappointment... the food was amazing to say the least.

The fish was as fresh as you can get in the middle of the Prairies...

There were some exceptional daily features on offer, one of them notably was the Foie Gras No Sushi = foie gras, on top of Unagi (BBQ eel), on sushi rice. Delicious...

I've posted photos from the dinner at Yujiro to a Flickr set, here - enjoy!

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner... I know I did! ;D Cheers!

Images (top to bottom): One of the amuse-bouche we received at Yujiro Japanese Restaurant... delicious crabs (and cute to boot - they were the size of a quarter), Deluxe sashimi, Aji Tataki, Foie Gras no Sushi, Shiratama Zenzai (dessert).

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