Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Trip to Winnipeg Beach...

This past Saturday during the Canadian Labour Day long-weekend, I took a trip out to Winnipeg Beach with some friends to partake in the second half of the seventh annual, self-guided, Wave Artists' Studio Tour. Specifically, to pay a visit to ceramist, Evelin Richter's studio (What? Clay Art and Curios, pictured above).

Right beside the doorway to Ev's studio, hung this awesome metal sign... ;)

The studio interior was full of items on display for the Wave Tour, sadly I didn't photograph them as I was too busy admiring them with my own eyes... I did manage to snap some pics of the artist's work station(s) though. ;)

Pictured above is a collaborative birdhouse / bird-condo project constructed by Rob and Ev using found materials.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we unfortunately weren't able to visit any additional artists... instead we opted to wade around for a while in the surf along the beach (regular visitors to Winnipeg Beach are sure to recognize the iconic water tower seen in the background).

This macro/detail shot by Raelene, is of the interior of a ceramic bowl that Raelene bought during our studio visit... while it doesn't do the piece justice, it does give one an idea of the amazing texture, colour and finish one could expect to encounter from Ev's ceramics.

If you're interested in seeing more of Ev's work you should take a visit out to the Fishfly Gallery in Winnipeg Beach where she has some of her work on display.

Well, it was an enjoyable Labour Day long-weekend (with a few unexpected twists ;P), I hope you all had a nice one! Cheers!

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