Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recommended Viewing | Joshua Heineman's Cursive Buildings Website

You really have to go and check out Joshua Heineman's Cursive Buildings website... more specifically it's his Reaching for the Out of Reach project that has caught my attention. Joshua's description on his website: I’m breathing new life into the past using old digitized photographs from the New York public library. I’ve spent hours rekindling these moments. And they will not be the last. P.S. I’m so so deep on these funny little things… it’s like the past has rediscovered a dimension!

Sadly the image above doesn't represent his work accurately (I'm not sure why animated .gifs don't work when I upload them), so go and check out the image above (as well as more examples) on his website at - enjoy!

Thanks for sending me the link Paul - Cheers!

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