Friday, February 8, 2008

In Response to 'Who Would Portray Me...'

Okay, I'm throwing myself into the fire with this one... ;) As a follow up to my Tuesday, February 5th post about, Design Observers - 15 Minutes of Fame, I've been asked who I would want to portray me. Well, after giving it some thought (j/k, not very much actually)... the above two Chinese actors rose to the surface. On the left we have potential candidate number one, Julian Cheung aka Chi Lam, on the right we have candidate number two, Raymond Lam aka Lam Fung, with me in the middle for reference... I've been told in the past (on multiple occasions) that I resemble both of these actors. What do you think?

Personally, I cringe at the thought of being portrayed by someone else... but, it's fun to think about who might be cast as you. ;)

You can visit Raymond's Fan site here (if you want) and one of Julian's here. Sorry, but the sites will likely be Chinese. ;)

*Ask me for an 8 x 10" glossy sometime (I'll throw in the autograph for free)! LOL...

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Allan L. said...

Mr. Lam, definitely.