Friday, February 1, 2008

Recommended Viewing | Bryan Scott's Winnipeg: Love & Hate Flickr Set...

Canadian Pacific, originally uploaded by bryanscott.

Friend and fellow Winnipeger, Bryan Scott is a local designer who is also an avid photographer and self-confessed Flickr addict. He was one of a number of local designer/photographers featured in GDC Manitoba's Fall 2007 newsletter (You can read or download the 1.8 MB PDF here). The above image is one of the many amazing pictures in Bryan's, Winnipeg: Love & Hate Flickr set (I apologize for the horrid cropping... I'm not sure how to fix it ;P). His love for experimentation, photography, architecture and design show through in his expansive and diverse portfolio of images. View Bryan's Winnipeg: Love & Hate Flickr set as a slideshow here. I guarantee that you've never seen Winnipeg like this before... be sure to check out some of his other images as well (in particular, his HDR experiments)! Enjoy!

Keep up the amazing work Bryan! Cheers!

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