Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wicked Illustrator! Eric Feng...

I was recently re-introduced to wicked illustrator Eric Feng's work via NOTCOT: I have long admired Eric Feng’s (aka Feric) illustrations. His work is gorgeous - a mixture of real and imagined and of natural and mechanical. I love the fantastical, mechanical anatomies of his characters, and how you are given a peek at what is beneath through transparent layering. Limited edition giclée prints of Feric’s work are available at his online store. They are fairly pricey for a digital print, but I could almost be tempted because I love some of his pieces so much (“Roda. Continue” - I’m talking about you!). Worth checking out at the very least!

I couldn't agree more! Check out his amazing work at - cheers!

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James said...

what F*cking great site man. Thanks for searching this one out!