Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recommended | Guitar Hero III for Wii

My brother and I both recently picked up a copy of Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii. Essentially it is a video game that requires you to press colour coded keys and 'strum' on a guitar shaped controller as corresponding coloured 'notes' scroll down on a screen.

Now, I've never really been very musically inclined so this was an interesting way to live out the fantasy of being a 'guitar hero'. I also don't have the best dexterity in my left hand so this was a great way to exercise and improve the ol' hand-eye coordination.

I must say that this is quite a fun game and the wireless guitar Wii controller makes it easy to 'rock-out' from anywhere in the room (on top of a table, upside-down, etc.). It does take a little while to get the hang of the controls but most average players should find the easy mode managable and fun. I highly recommend anyone who is into video games/music to give this game a whirl. Now if only I had a few extra fingers... that expert mode is insane. Cheers!

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