Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My good friend and design colleague, James Gillespie sent me this link earlier today. From the Sketchtravel website:

This concept is not a contest but an international challenge bringing together more than 50 artists, famous or not and carefully picked up. The challenge is to share ideas, concepts, moods and styles of very differents talented artists coming from all over the globe in ONE COMMON SKETCHBOOK.

The distinctiveness of this sketchbook is that artist will not have to send a sketch, a drawing or a painting to a publisher : instead, a real sketchbook will travel from one artist to another during one year.
So, step by step, invited Artists can be inspired by what previous artists have done before in the Sketchbook.

It's not only about skills and abilities it's also about creativity, ideas and friendship. The original sketchbook will be exhibited at the Arludik Gallery, Paris. It will finally be sold at auction for a Charity Association, selected by the artists.

I think this is a great concept and has potential for local applications... perhaps a GDC Manitoba activity (I got the hint James). Visit the Sketchtravel website to view sketches and to learn more at http://www.sketchtravel.com

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