Thursday, June 30, 2011

COOL!!! Canadian Recording Artists Stamps - Series 3...

While I typically refrain from blogging about the design work that I do at Circle Design Incorporated, this is one of the few times where I break those rules... as I feel it's a privilege and honour to be able to design stamps/philatelic materials. ;)

The latest set of commemorative stamps we designed for Canada Post were launched today in Toronto, ON.

The limited edition stamps and philatelic materials (official first day cancellation [OFDC], self-adhesive booklets, postcards, etc.) will be available as of today, in post offices across the country and online via the Canada Post website - for more information visit - Cheers!

*P.S. - For my friends who were in the know, this was the main reason for my visit out to Ottawa, ON back in February, as hinted in this photo I posted to Flickr - feel free to check out the rest of the photos I took during that trip, here - enjoy!

*P.P.S. - Have a great Canada Day long-weekend!!!

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Robert L. Peters said...

You did a remarkable job on the portraits for these stamps, Adrian... thanks for the outstanding effort!