Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OMG, It's 2008!?... Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2008 everybody! I hope you all had a nice Christmas and were able to partake in some festive activities over the past few weeks. 2007 was a blur of a year... where does the time go? Personally, I had an excellent break... lots of festive/social activities as well as sufficient down-time to recoup/recharge for the new year.

I had a lot of interesting ideas/concepts over the break which I intend to develop further through the course of the year... stay tuned for more to come! Here's to a prosperous 2008 for all - Cheers!


Eamon said...

Great blog

Would you be interested in exchanging links?

My website is on creative thinking, communications and media.


Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Thanks for the kind words Eamon. I'd be happy to exchange links with you. Feel free to contact me if there was something in particular you were looking for.


kyungmi said...

I am looking forward to see your blog @08