Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recommended Viewing | GDC Manitoba's June 2009 e-Newsletter...

The latest edition of the GDC Manitoba e-Newsletter has been released! Jeope Wolfe, MGDC (Chapter Communications Chair) was responsible for putting it together. Jeope says:

It's summertime (or is it?) and the living is easy. School's out – and with that comes a fresh crop of design students hitting the egg-frying sidewalks. Work is humming along like power lines on a hot, muggy day. And for all of us at the hustle/bustle of GDC Manitoba headquarters, the forecast calls for a 100 per cent chance of Blue Sky… Curious? Grab a cold one from the cooler and read on

Go and check it out for yourself, here - enjoy!

On a side note, the latest GDC Manitoba promo item has arrived! Also designed by Jeope, these black tote-bags are pretty slick... thanks again for all your hard work Jeope! Cheers!

Visit Jeope's blog Jeopopolis.
Learn more about GDC Manitoba.

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