Friday, April 24, 2009

GDC National AGM Winnipeg 2009...

A warm welcome to all the GDC National Executives, Chapter delegates and representatives from affiliated associations who arrived in Winnipeg for the GDC National Annual General Meeting.

The GDC National AGM will be held in Winnipeg from 23-25 April. The AGM kicked off Thursday evening at the Red River College Princess Street Campus, which saw the delegates give their chapter reports. It's great to see and hear about all the exciting things that are happening across Canada... I'm looking forward to a lively weekend of debate, decisions and discussions. It'll be nice to reconnect some familiar names to faces, and some familiar faces to names... ;)

Look for pictures from the AGM to appear on Flickr, here - enjoy!

Image: Adrian Jean (MGDC), for the first time on record, a representative for the GDC Members-at-large was in attendance at the National AGM.

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