Thursday, October 30, 2008

Operation Red Bull...

This past Tuesday, GDC Manitoba's highly successful, on-going, professional development Lunch Talk series saw Oliver Oike (MGDC, Vice President and National Representative for GDC Manitoba) along with the Manlab team present 'Operation Red Bull'.

This was a light-hearted lunch talk, where Oliver (and the Manlab team), shared their process for Red Bull's Flugtag, from early brainstorming, the development of a microsite (and mini-games to support their entry), engineering and transportation challenges, and finally the event itself – all to push a "human-powered flying machine" into the Ottawa River in front of 50,000 people...

Red Bull Girls were on-hand at the door, handing out Red Bull to attendees! In case you missed it, I've posted the pictures I took from the presentation to the GDC Manitoba Flickr group pool. You can check them out on Flickr, here - enjoy!

Thanks again to Oliver Oike and the Manlab team for sharing their experience - cheers!

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